Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jessi - August

My name is Jessi and I am a psychology major (though I want to be a photographer... but that's a different story). I left for Ireland on August 20th, which was a week earlier than orientation. My mom and I decided to explore Ireland for that week. I left for orientation on August 27th and I started school on September 4th.

I have actually been keeping friends & family updated on my trip, so I thought I would just show you what I've been writing:

This e-mail was written on August 22nd:
Well, I'm in Ireland now. I like it a lot so far (even though it's only the second day lol). My flight left at around 3:00 p.m. from Cincinnati. We got to Atlanta at around 5:20. My mom and I hung out with my aunt Beth for less than an hour, and then hurried to our flight to Ireland that was scheduled at 6:50. It turns out that our flight was delayed because of the crazy rain in Atlanta... we didn't leave until around 8:00 p.m. We arrived at Ireland at 8:00 a.m. Ireland time, which is 3:00 a.m. Cincinnati time. I had to get my passport stamped, so I had permission to stay in Ireland for an extended period. The guy who stamped it was really nice and helpful. We got on the 9:55 bus to Galway (from Shannon Airport). It took two hours to get there... it was cool because I got to look at all the scenery, even though I was exhausted. It's funny because the roads are really cramped over here. And the sidewalks are tiny too. It keeps raining on and off here, but it's not too bad yet. Just sprinkles. I was told that now is the "dry season", even though it's pretty rainy here compared to Cincinnati. I have two umbrellas, so it's not bad. The people here are really nice so far.Today I bought a Claddagh ring. It was 10 euro, which was awesome. Especially since they're so expensive in the U.S.I hate the food here so far. The candy is WEIRD, which sucks because I love chocolate. I guess I'm just gonna lose a lot of weight, because now food is no longer fun to eat. I don't even like their coffee! Yesterday all I had to eat was a muffin. But then again, I was kinda sick on Sunday and Monday. Today my mom and I looked at my college campus... IT'S GORGEOUS!!! I thought Elmhurst was amazing! That's nothing compared to this! I took some pictures, but I'm trying to conserve my pictures so I have enough for all semester.We also walked around the city of Galway today... it's pretty cool. The city center is really packed. The people here walk really fast too. There's lots of awesome shops everywhere.Tomorrow morning my mom and I are gonna go to Connemara and Clifden and other places... I can't remember what, and I no longer care. I'm so tired.

This was written on August 27th:
Connemara was absolutely gorgeous... we had about 15 stops on the bus tour, which was nice because I got to take so many pictures. We stopped at Kylemore Abbey for two hours, and it was beautiful. The gardens were amazing. I took a lot of pictures. Of course, during the bus tour, it rained. But then again, when doesn't it rain here? I've gotten used to carrying an umbrella around with me. Turns out the rumors about the rain in Ireland were true. Unforunately.
Today is my last day with my mom, which is crappy. I'm gonna miss her, and when she leaves, I'm gonna be all my myself for four months. How sad.

This was written on August 31:
Okay guys so I'm not going to be able to use the internet for a while, so I finally just went to an internet cafe. They're charging me 5 cents a minute here, and i have 42 unread messages (since i haven't been able to check my e-mail since Monday). So, i just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and doing great. I love it here and I'm having fun. I am ALMOST done with orientation... I've been in orientations since sunday, which is so boring. I moved into my apartment yesterday... I love my roomates, they are awesome. They are all from America. We get rooms to ourselves, and we get wireless internet. So far, my shade on my window is broken and the dishwasher won't open. I'm trying to get the room to look nice, but I don't have much free time because of the constant orientations.


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