Monday, October 29, 2007

Ashley - Austria - Fall 2007

After a visit in Germany (and Oktoberfest, naturally), I’ve made it here to Salzburg and am settling in quite nicely. The only way to describe it here, is that I feel as though I am living in a postcard! Everything here is so new and beautiful! I am so amazed at what this city has to offer. It has been a month since I was last home, and I am still not missing it! There is so muc h to see and experience and take in that I have no time to think about what is going on back home. My experience with Austrians, for the most part, has been very pleasant. Luckily, if I am at a loss for words, many people here speak English and communication has not be difficult. That has been a huge blessing on this trip; I always think of those who are studying in countries such as Thailand or China and just how difficult that must have been to get used to speaking.
I, along with two other EC students are part of a larger group through BGSU, and it has been a such a fun group and has been easy to meet new people, Americans and Europeans alike. We have so much to teach eachother and it has been fun times along the way. Luckily I find myself in an extremely clean and neat area and am able to go off and explore without a large group. I feel that has been the best way to settle in here, as well as speak German! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my time here!
Ashley H.


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I was wondering how the adjustment has been for you in classes, specifically DaF. I know it can be tough to adjust to because the school system is so different. Alles Gute!

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