Monday, December 21, 2009

Ashley D. - Glasgow, Scotland - Fall 2009

Hiya everyone!

So I've just about hit the half-way mark in my studies here in the UK, and I'm already getting kind of upset about leaving :-(
But anyway, here's what's been going on with me:
I've been reading like crazy here and playing a bit of catch-up because I was sick with flu a few weeks ago and missed a few classes - and then I caught it again this past weekend. Blah.

A couple weeks ago, I went to visit Brian and Leslie in Dublin - which was amazing! I love how cities here are so compact (you know, compared to Chicago) - I was only in Dublin for about a day, but I feel like I got a good gist of the city. Regardless, I've made plans to see the Emerald Isle again in January when one of my girlfriends from back home comes to visit ^_^
I also got to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day the Glasgwegian way - up to my ankles in mud. Doesn't sound too happy, but it actually was: my flat mates and I went down to the fair to watch the fireworks and go on some rides...well, A ride anyway. Because it rained, as it's so wont to do here, the nice green field where they had set up the carnival became a swamp. But it was awesome nonetheless.
And this past weekend, I finally made my way up to the Highlands! 'Twas absolutely incredible. We saw hairy coos, heard about the Massacre at Glen Coe, ate haggis and black pudding, hiked on the Isle of Skye, waded in Loch Ness...and that's just to name a few. Seriously, the coolest trip I've ever taken in my entire life.

And that's about it :-)
This week, I'll be finishing a psychology report and as a reward for my hard work, I'm treating myself to a solo weekend in Paris :-P
I'll letcha know how that goes!

- Ashley


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Ashley. It sounds like you are having a great time in Ireland. My name is Jacob. I am going to be studying in Madrid this summer. I gather you are really enjoying the experience. I can't wait to have the opportunity to explore another culture. It will be awesome. Anyway, good luck with everything!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Haymish :)

10:26 PM  
Blogger Allison N. said...

Hey Ashley! it sounds like you are having an amazing experience! I was wondering, in terms of culture shock, what was one of the hardest things for you to have to get used to there?

7:47 PM  

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