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Carly P. - Rome, Italy - Spring 2012

My adventure began Tuesday night as I boarded a plane heading to London.  It still hadn't sunken in where I was going. I'm not sure why, I had been planning this trip for an entire year! Even as I collected my luggage and waited to be picked up I couldn't fathom the idea of being in a different country. By the time I was picked up from the airport and gotten to my apartment it was a little after 4pm on Wednesday, I had officially been traveling for about 14 hours. All I wanted to do was sleep but my ISC (Italian Student Companion) wanted to make me and my other roommates espresso, which was of course too delicious to pass up! I'm living in an apartment with my ISC Sara and three girls from the States. Sara had made us a fantastic homemade lasagna for dinner to welcome us! Later that night Sara took us to a bar near by to meet up with other students from the program, I've been told it's a tradition. 
The next day we started our orientation at our study abroad center. It's about a 15/20minute walk from my apartment. We walk right through St. Peter's Square passing the Vatican and St. Peters Basilica to get there. It's incredible, simply beautiful. We were told which windows are apart of the Popes bedroom so each time we pass we always joke around and see if he is awake or sleeping (if the lights are on or off). On our way we always pass Castle Sant' Angelo.
As you can see it's snowing in the picture! I found out that it NEVER snows in Rome. The last time it snowed was two years ago, prior to that it had been 24 years! I was excited for the snow but thought I had escaped the Chicago winter for once, apparently not. It was cool seeing how every reacted over the inch of snow/slush we got! 

My ISC Sara has only seen snow five times in her whole life. Coming from Chicago I don't think twice about it when it snows. My first reaction when I heard it was going to snow I was like "Great,Snow..Just what I wanted...NOT" Snow was not what I wanted at all. I wanted to be able to grab a light jacket and go explore, not have to bundle up. This attitude changed a little after seeing all the reactions coming from the locals. Everyone was SO excited about the white wonderland that had taken over the city by night.
Sara had woken us all early all enthusiastic about the snow and wanted to walk through the city to see the transformation of the city. We first walked to St Peter's Square. Sara had wanted us to teach her to build a snowman, something she had never done. So there we were making a snowman in St. Peter's Square, in front of the Vatican. It was actually really cool, I hadn't built a snowman in years! We also made snow angels. We then walked to Gianicolo Park which is on top of a hill. It's a beautiful walk, and once on top it has one of the best views of all of Roma.


Blogger Caity Nagel said...

Hey Carly! Rome is a gorgeous city and I have had the pleasure of being there once before. I am going to be in Paris and I am really hoping I can make it back again. I guess my main question is how do you get around? Do you walk more or use public transportation? Is it hard to navigate with everything being in a different language? Thanks for the help and have a great time!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao Carly!

Rome sounds absolutely lovely!
I love your pictures, too!
How are your classes in Rome...are the classes integrated (with natives and study abroad students)? How did you go about choosing which classes to take?



3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Caity! Yes! It's truly gorgeous! I walk and use public transportation pretty equally! The system was pretty easy to learn after a week or so! Usually it's actually fast to walk instead on taking the public transportation, It just depends on where you are going and how fast you want to get there. The language barrier wasn't too bad for me because i'm in such a major city that there are many people that speak english, if you're going out of the city it's a little harder but not impossible! Just remember to bring a map with you EVERYWHERE! :)

Have an amazing time in Paris!

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao Elyse! All my classes are in english and are at my study abroad center in Rome. This way the language barrier wasn't a major issue. There are still some minor translation issues because many of my professors are Italian but they speak english very well. If you had prior language prior you're able to take classes are the local University too! As far as choosing classes I wanted to make sure I would get credit for them all and that they would fulfill my requirements so I talked with Alice and Wally to get that taken care of!


4:35 PM  

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