Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Adrianna H. - Athens, Greece - Spring 2013

My name is Adrianna Hromadka; I’m a junior at EC and this semester I am studying abroad in Athens, Greece!  It is so amazing here! The city is busy, but the people run at a pace that does not reflect a typical city life.  I have been in Greece for just over two weeks, classes have started and I am beginning a whole new routine.  Just walking to class is an experience in itself.  Every morning, I pass coffee shop after coffee shop of large groups of men sipping coffee out of small cups.  The bakeries are filled with pasties that look as if they should be pictured in a magazine.  Not to mention that my nightly walk typically centers around the Acropolis- not a bad view! Everyone is so generous and friendly; at the market vendors always send you away with more oranges than you paid for.  I can’t wait to experience more of the culture. 
I’d love to answer any questions about my experience so far, or study abroad in general!  


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Would you say that your experience so far is over safe?

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