Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sotiria S - Worms, Germany - Fall 2014

Hi CPP 250!
I have been in Worms, Germany for a month now! When I first landed in Frankfurt, I was so anxious! I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this since I was the only student coming to Worms from Elmhurst! I knew absolutely no one and that was very hard for me…but when I got to Worms, I instantly fell in love! The city is just so cute… I couldn't have picked a better place to be!
The first couple days were hard, since I didn't know my way around or anyone, but within the first week, I had met a lot of new people who were on the same boat as I was. I have met some pretty amazing people so far and can say that I know the city like the back of my hand! I feel as though I have been living here forever!

Classes haven’t started yet for us over here, which means I have had tons of time to travel. We went on a Erasmus trip to Berlin… and that was simply amazing! I was able to see so many places that Ive only seen in pictures! It is so amazing to say that I have been to the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie! During the trip, the other international students and I got to know each other so much better- and we've traveled outside of Germany since that trip! The best part about being in Europe is that everything is so close! A group of us just returned from Spain this weekend and that was such an amazing experience! I am so excited to have chosen Germany! There is so much more I want to say about Germany since one post just simply doesn't do it justice! But, if you've chosen to come to Worms for your time abroad… you are in for a REAL treat!


Blogger Anthony Scardina said...

Sounds like a great time. The scenery looks amazing and it looks like an awesome city. I am supposed to be studying in France next semester, but I have a lot of international friends this. Two of them are from Germany and one actually goes to school in Worms. I am told there are a lot of castles there. They also keep telling me I have to go for carneval in the spring. It helps too that it is pretty close to France. I also think I am going to be the only one from Elmhurst going where I plan on going, which is Grenoble in France. Assuming that English is your first language, how was it adjusting to a country where you have to speak another language? I think that will be my biggest challenge and frustration. I did study my country's language (French), but it is still worrisome.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Samantha S. said...

I took German for about two years, and thought I had a good understanding. However, when I got here- I had no idea what they were saying. They speak so fast! But now, being here a month, the language is not a problem at all. I say what I can and have started understanding more too! Mostly everyone speaks English here as well, so don't be worried at all! It'll take a few days to adjust, but youll make it!!!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Kinga Glowik said...


Sounds like you are having a great time! Similarly, I will be the only one from Elmhurst studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. What were some ways that you coped and handled the culture shock upon arriving?

Kinga G.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Samantha S. said...

Hi Kinga,
I really wanted to immerse myself in my new city, so I took a lot of walks! I went everywhere to kind of get to know my way around- I got lost a few times, but that really helped me interact with the locals too! Everyone was so nice and that made my feel even more comfortable! I met new friends within the first couple days, I have stuck with them ever since! It was nice having someone else who was also going through the same experience I was!
My suggestion is that you go to the events that are offered at school, thats a great way to meet people and get familiarized with your surroundings!
Also, just remember that you are not the only one! Everyone is on the same boat as you are going to be! It is an experience that you will remember forever!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kinga,

It sounds like you had a fun time which is getting me excited for my semester in Australia. I was wondering if you experienced culture shock and how did you overcome this shock?

Jessica F

5:07 PM  

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