Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Mary D. - London, England - Spring 2015

Hello, future study abroad students/other people who are reading this,

My name is Mary and I am currently studying at Queen Mary University in London for the spring semester.  I absolutely love it here.  My classes are amazing, my professors even more so.  I've met a number of amazing people as well.  Honestly, London is the best city and I simply adore it.  The people here are sarcastic and yet polite.  It's a wonderful combination.  

I do have to say though that the educational aspect has been the greatest thing so far.  I've been taught by people are leading figures in their fields and I've had opportunities I would have never had otherwise (like going into Westminster Palace to check out the Parliamentary Archives or the Imperial War Museum Archives).  

Traveling around Europe has also been a part of my life since getting here.  I've been to Berlin and Edinburgh so far but I have a trip to Barcelona coming up soon.  There are many more to planned and I simply cannot wait.


Anonymous Jackie G said...

Hi Mary, I will be in England in a few months and was looking forward to the travel part of studying abroad and now I am excited about all the amazing places I get to see within the UK! Thanks for the inspiration!

2:34 PM  

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