Thursday, January 03, 2008

Denis - Salzburg, Austria - Fall 2007


Alright, it has been awhile since I last wrote about being abroad. I have been here for over 2 months now and things are going really good. I now know my way around town very well, my roommate and I get along really well, I have made a lot of friends with the other members of the group, and my German is about 1000 times better than when I got here. The average week consists of a lot of class from Monday through Thursday, but then the weekends are pretty free from Friday – Sunday. I did not do much traveling the last week or so because we had some midterms. If you are going to Salzburg, study for your DAF midterm, you won’t regret that. At first it might be kind of hard to find some Natives to hang out with, but I would suggest to try to ask you’re roommate or whoever to come out with you for the night or go to one of the many university sponsored parties, which are a fun time. Just as you are interested in the culture of whatever country you will be going , the people of that you meet there are also interested in you’re culture. I can tell you that my roommate loves Texas Hold’em, Chappelle show, and the SNL clips of celebrity Jeopardy. But we also do a lot of Austrian things as well, such as going to the Red Bull Salzburg soccer games, going out to eat here, or watching Austrian TV. So even though you might only want to speak the language you are learning, you’re roommate might want to practice their English if they know any, lol by the way my roommate is fluent in English. Some days you can try to only speak one of the languages or you could ask questions in German and then have them respond back in English and vice versa. As far as culture shock goes, it is a more personal experience, but I would say the hardest part is when you first get here and have to find out where everything is and getting to know people, but again that is just my experience.

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