Sunday, September 28, 2014

Darinka P - Dublin, Ireland - Fall 2014

Hello fellow study abroad students!  Get ready to have the time of your lives abroad!  I’m Darinka, a senior nursing student studying in Dublin, Ireland.  I remember being in your shoes and being both excited and terrified at the same time, but honestly I did not realize what I got myself into until I arrived at O’Hare airport to start the adventure of my life.  So far, my experience here has been unreal!  Ireland is absolutely breathtaking!  From the city, to the hills, to the cliffs and to the sea, every ounce of it is stunning (Google images doesn’t do it justice).  Dublin is small in comparison to Chicago, but enormous to every Irish person I have met.  The city has so much
culture, history, pride, and energy!  Grafton Street, one of the main streets in the city, is always booming.  There are street performers day and night and people out and about all day.  Also, I have never ate as much gelato as I have since I have been here.  Okay now, let’s get serious for Alice.  When it comes to culture shock, I can’t say I have experienced it yet.  It definitely helps that English is the common language here.  Granted they have accents that can be difficult to understand at times.  I would definitely encourage everyone to always stay busy and join as many clubs or activities as possible to get your mind off not being at home.  Another piece of advice, (provided by Alice), pack half as much clothes and twice as much money! Everything abroad is expensive and whatever you can’t bring, you can buy. Save your money to explore, it’s worth every penny!  So far, all I have been doing is traveling within Ireland, but my abroad adventures are soon to start and I cannot wait for them to begin! Enjoy every minute of your time abroad and say yes to everything! …unless you are about to get taken.


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