Monday, January 07, 2008

Kristen S. - Oxford, England - Spring 2008

Hello everyone,
So after four days my impression of England is cold. It's weird because it is really not that much colder than it is at home, but it feels colder. There is also no snow, everything is green which is so weird to look at. I was so terrified about finding the bus to take me from London to Oxford, but it was no troubles at all. I honestly have to say that if you ask you shall receive. We explored the city a bit and found places to buy adapters, and for everyone else alarm clocks and watches. I luckly brought both items with me. I wish I had brought another blanket because it's chilly in the common room. I also wish I had brought nail polish and nail polish remover. I have yet to solve the cell phone problem and I still need to find an ATM that works with my card, but I still have money enough to get through for a while. I was slightly lonely at first because my roomate didn't arrive the same time I did, but people have been very friendly. Liz's roomate was here last semester and has been a wondeful and patient guide for us. Everyone here has been very nice. Classes start soon and I cannot wait for that to happen. I suppose the hardest part was leaving. I was so sad, but once I got here the nerves and excitement took over. The internet has been a blessing, I talk to my parent through it, posted pictures and kept in touch with old friends. I think that is all I have to say for the moment except for the fact that I am not time adjusted yet, I am tired at the wrong times and awake when I would like to be sleeping. Just give it some time and I think it will all work out, the others here were saying the same thing. If you have any questions at all send 'em my way via a comment. I would be happy to answer anything. Have a great day!!!!


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