Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kristen S. - Oxford, England - Spring 2008

So, I am a little over halfway through my time here in Oxford. It has been quite a trip. I have been to Wales, saw Princess Anne, went to London, saw the British Museum twice, saw the Tate Modern, and ate pizza at a European Pizza Hut--they are very classy here. Bottom line: I have seen a lot of awesome sights in UK so far. Tutorials and Seminars are almost done, so in about two weeks there will be no more weekly essays; I am quite ready to see those go. I am in the process of planning a trip to Germany, which is something to look forward to. Soon we start having integral lecture, and all the Oxford students go home for break. It is getting to the point where going home is not such a bad thing. It would be nice to eat food that tastes like I want it to taste, and, secondly, to have more than eight shirts to cycle through. No severe homesickness yet, which I appreciate. I had a visitor from home, and when my visitor left, I had a more much more difficult time. But things are good now. On Saturday we went to Blenheim Palace which was interesting and huge. It was nice to take a break after a week of four papers. So a little burned out on writing and British food, but overall doing wonderfully across the pond.

As always, if you got a question, send me a comment. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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Anonymous Dianne Heller said...

Hi Kristen!
I will be studying at Royal Holloway in the fall, and I was wondering if I need a Visa to study in the UK for the four months I will be there. I've been researching whether I need one or not and have been getting mixed results. Since you are in the UK now, I figured you would know!

8:45 PM  
Blogger stwinb said...

Sorry this took me so long to get back to you, I was traveling home on Saturday and didn't have time to turn the computer on until today. You do not need a visa unless you want to work while you are there. Only if you are in the UK for more than six months do they requre a visa. I hope that helps. Have a wonderful day. Again, I am sorry this took me so long to get back to you!!

10:42 AM  

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