Sunday, September 28, 2014

Amy C - Dublin, Ireland - Fall 2014

I would say the first day or so were the only stressful days so far. This was because we had no means to getting basic apartment necessities including sheets and dishes and common every day items. We slept on our mattresses with only a mattress pad! Once we had the opportunity to go shopping, we settled in very quickly. We discovered how to get into downtown Dublin our second day where I took this picture, my new home! 
This picture was taken one of my first days in Dublin. I love it because I cross this liffey nearly every time I go into town, which is very often. 
This picture was taken in Glendalough, with some of my Elmhurst friends and some of my new friends. I love this picture because I already can’t imagine this semester without them, and I had no idea who they were before I came here. It is true what they say, that you meet some of your best friends abroad!


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