Sunday, September 28, 2014

Megan W - Dublin, Ireland - Fall 2014

My First Impressions of Living in Dublin, Ireland

This is a lake in the Wicklow Mountains in Glendalough, which is
one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

Living in Dublin, Ireland has been everything I expected and more. So far I have been having the time of my life in Dublin. Dublin is a beautiful city with a lot of entertainment and Irish culture and history. I have travel a lot around Ireland in the past month. I been to the coast, the country and the city. Some places in Ireland that I have travel to in Ireland is Glendalough, Cork, Cobh, Galway, Blarney Castle, Aran Islands and Howth. Each of these cities were beautiful in their own way. I have been to the Dublin  City Center a lot and feel comfortable walking around the city without getting lost. The only thing that is a challenge for me is that class is very different from what I am used to at Elmhurst. Here at University College of Dublin we only get assessed on our learning two times in the whole semester where at Elmhurst we have quizzes everyday and test every two weeks.  My advice for anyone studying abroad is to take every trip you can that your university offers you since you will be able to see the country you are studying in. Another advice I would give a person who is going to travel abroad is to go travel to other countries since it is so easy to do while you are here in Europe but remember your school and studies come first. And just live life to the fullest while you are studying abroad because you might not get this opportunity again so take full advantage of it. 
This is when I went to Cork and visit Blarney’s Castle and kiss the Blarney stone, which was an amazing experience. 


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I hope I can travel as much as you are, looks like a great time! Love the picture of you kissing the stone.

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